Twilight Series Mania

Each generation has “the movie” that creates such a buzz during those high school years that it colors everything about those years. This generation has chosen a movie based on a series of books. The Twilight series of books includes; Twilight, New Moon, Breaking Dawn and Eclipse. The author a housewife from Arizona wrote the books after she had a dream about the characters. It was only six months worth of writing to publishing for the Twilight book. The series is based on the relationship between a young girl (17 years old) and a vampire. The vampires in the books and the resulting movies are “nice” vampires; they do not hunt humans but instead hunt animals in the forest when they are hungry. There are some not so nice vampires involved as well from separate groups. The series has become a phenomenon. No one has been more surprised than the author by the response to both the books and the movies.

The Twilight series was aimed at young adults, but the Twilight Mania has spread far and wide and has consumed not only young adults but people of all ages. The Twilight series has spawned vampire themed proms, midnight book parties, lines and lines of people waiting for movie tickets, posters, dolls, candy, t-shirts and phrases coined by the books that have become part of popular culture. This past Holiday Season saw dolls of Bella and Edward ( the two primary characters) fly off the shelves. Even people that never heard of the books and only have seen the movie have caught the Twilight bug. Because of it’s huge popularity it has created a vampire craze. There has been TV series produced as a direct result of the huge success of the Twilight series. Vampires have become the new “in” thing..

What was meant for young adults has taken on a new life. There are grown women that swoon at the thought of Edward (primary vampire in love with Bella). These books that are all over 500 pages each are read from cover to cover with the readers begging for more. The phenomenon seems to affect women young and old much more than it affects men. The books ooze with romance which is a great pull for women. Twilight has become the “Gone with the Wind” for this generation.